Frequently Asked Questions


Please find all fees for both in-person and virtual visits on Jane which can be found on the Contact/Book Now page.

No, Naturopathic Medicine does not fall under OHIP coverage. Individuals with extended health care plans may have coverage for Naturopathic services.
We offer direct billing to most insurance companies when you book at Mulberry Wellness (in-person practice) in Hamilton. If you have insurance coverage please be sure to check the details of your coverage prior to booking your first visit (amount covered per visit, coverage per year etc.) Extended health care benefits would be covered under Naturopathy/Naturopathic Medicine.
This depends on the health concern but generally, patients will attend an initial visit and follow up every 4-8 weeks thereafter for a few months tapering off to yearly for health maintenance once goals are achieved. If acupuncture is the treatment modality that is being used, treatments are typically weekly in the beginning and the duration of this depends on how longstanding the health concern is. If you want further clarification before working together please book a complimentary meet and greet.

Yes, Naturopathic Doctor’s can run standard blood tests. These tests are not eligible for OHIP coverage.

Virtual complimentary meet and greets are available to provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss what it would look like to work together.

Online booking is available on the Contact/Book Now page; you may also call (905) 529-8800 Monday-Saturday each week.

  • If you have insurance coverage please check the details of your coverage (amount covered per visit, coverage provided per calendar year etc.)
  • Fill out intake forms > 24 hours before your visit (these will be sent to the email address provided on Jane). Please list dosages/brands of any supplements or medications.
  • Please bring any recent labs you have had to your visit.